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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rule O' the Roost

Rule O' the Roost 9"X12" Oil on Canvas

Happy Holidays, Art Lovers! As 2011 draws to a close,  I am one very grateful Artgirl. This has probably been the busiest year of my life, surpassing even finals in graduate school. It's been an eventful year with lots of painting, travel, workshops, plein aire events, significant family milestones, shows, learning how to run a business and big changes at my art studio. 

When I decided to take a look at my blog today, I realized that I had been posting frequently on Facebook and neglecting my blog. So now, I will be catching folks up to some of the work I completed over the past six months. Meanwhile, I will be working on a new batch of paintings from my recent trip to Italy. I have never been more excited to be an artist.

This painting was completed during a plein-aire event for Greenfields Country Day School here in Tucson. It was so cold that the artists were given some leeway to include studio work completed within the event time frame. It was 16 degrees Farenheit when I checked out the checked out the chicken coop at 7:30 am. Even with wind resistant gloves and liners, my fingers were frozen faster than I could set up, so yes, this painting was done from photo reference in my studio that day. I also did one with a group of chickens called "Pecking Order" that sold at the show.

Pecking Order 12" X 10" Oil on Canvas

Lest you fear that I painted nothing from life for that event,  let me share with you that I did take home Best in Show for my painting of the Administration building. This one was painted just before sunset from the cab of my truck with the heater running. Maybe a little carbon monoxide has a positive effect on creativity. It certainly resulted in a few errant brushstrokes on the interior ceiling. This piece also sold at the show.
Welcome to Greenfield's 8"X10" Oil on Canvas

Here is what my fountain looked like during the event. Brrrrrrr!


  1. Hey Hope!! So nice to see your work after months!! I love these paintings you posted. Crazy weather--I don't think Maine has gotten that cold--yet! Sounds like you've had a great year. May it roll over into the new one.

  2. wonderful wonderful work!! the rooster and chickens are just stunning with the deep blue shadows.so nice to meet you and see your lovely work!