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Friday, June 18, 2010

Red Roof Over Copper Cactus Inn

11"X14" Original Oil on Canvas Panel

Here is another piece that I painted during the Tucson Gateway Business Alliance "Paint the Strip" plien-aire event. The subject is another of the old motor hotels along Tucson's own version of Route 66, which we now call the "Miracle Mile". This is the back of the hotel, but I found it much more interesting than the parking lot side. (Besides, you already know how I feel about painting cars!) It's about to go out the door to the same exhibition as "A Room at La Siesta" so I thought I'd post it. I am curious to know whether you can guess what time of day it was painted.


  1. Hi Hope! I think the painting is really very good - love your colours and shapes. Was it painted around noon? The highlights seem to be almost directly on top of objects so that is my guess. Right now, it doesn't start getting dark until about 10:30 and sun gets up before 5 am. Long and beautiful days. At noon, the sun here is directly overhead. Cheers, Verna :-)

  2. Thanks for the feedback Verna. The painting was begun at about 8am and finished just before noon. I would have liked to capture that morning light. Better use a smaller canvas and paint faster next time!