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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doc on Holiday

12" X 16" Original Oil painting
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Today I had the pleasure of painting with some friends here in Tucson. The model was a delightful cowboy in a very authentic costume. He actually had a gun holstered on his hip, but I left it out because it didn't help the painting. Besides, he looked very much like and old country doctor to me and made me think of  "Doc Holiday" in the westerns I watched as a kid. He looks like he is taking a break from his practice, hence the name, "Doc on Holiday".

This is very wet paint, hence the glare. If anyone has helpful advice about how to photograph wet paintings, please leave a comment!


  1. It's a beautiful painting and he looks just like Doc.
    I noticed you are currently loving The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. I LOVED that book. One of the most well written and mesmerizing stories I ever read. Deeply touching.

  2. I really like how you kept this shapes simple and not fussy. Very nice--good hands too. Boy, I have no clue about photographing wet paint. Sometimes there just seems no getting around it.

  3. Wow Hope! That is wonderful! So accurate and believeable. A little tip from Nancy you incoraporated was that if something doesn't add to the painting, leave it out. So you left it out (the you-know-what).

    You mentioned in your earlier blog about pushing the values. I am trying to do the same and spend time looking at Sarah Kidner's work in this regard. She is a well-known local Canmore artist and often wins "one of the 12 monthly finalists" in the Raymar Art Competiton. In case you might be interested, here is here url:


    Right now, I have a commisson. From my husband. But he got confused about what it is I paint so it is the w-a-l-l-s in our new bathroom/bedroom/sitting room. It is soooo monochromatic with very little value differentiation - ha.

    I will be taking a workshop in Canmore on Saturday if the artist makes it back from France (volcanic ash issues). Right now I am on our acreage at Stony Plain. 25 degrees Celsius today (82 or so F). Fab.

    BTW, have you ever been to that wonderful artist extravaganza in California? Weekend With the Masters?


    Richard Schmid is keynote and I see Nancy will be there doing a workshop. Anyhow, let's plan to do it in the future. I would love to go and just walk and breathe amongst the essences of such greatness. Heady experience, that!!


    Verna :-)

  4. I love him Hope... You did a great job and I am jealous!