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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fruit Salad

8" X 8" Original Oil Painting on Panel

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Wet Paint, now we are cooking! I tried out my new still life set up based on a combination of tips from Qiang Huang and Carol Marine. It worked out pretty well and got me a little more accustomed to working with the lighting in my new studio.

I hope you all notice that the photo today is much better than my previous post. I have been playing with a couple of editors and I have to say that I think iphoto did a better job than photo shop.

Anyway, I am pretty happy with this little guy. I have always wanted to paint kiwis and I like the contrast between the green flesh and the pink ground. White coffee cups are just an artist's excuse for painting reflected color. I had lots of fun with the kiwi on the shadow side of this cup.

While I was painting this set up I kept thinking that the cherries were trying to escape from the cup while the kiwis were feeling left out.We always want what the other guy has!


  1. THANK YOU for your comment again, Hope! I am happy you mentioned the sky...it was what I wanted to convey: those clouds contrasting the clear blue :)
    And, YES your photos look better now! It's fun when that happens! Your work is (Still) VERY NICE!

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  3. Hope, this is a gem. I like the periwinkle background.

  4. I love it, Hope! To me, the components look so intentional versus puzzled. That is, each brush stroke counts and is confident. I really must try still life again.

    We are back in Alberta with much chaos happening. I am painting today but walls, not canvas.

    It has been wonderful meeting you, seeing your work, and experiencing your generosity. I will write more when I can breathe.......breathe..


    Verna :-)

  5. Wow, this is lovely. Wonderful saturated colors and nice values.