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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Arrie B. and Holly Mack

Arrie B. 14 X 11 Original Oil on Panel

By now I bet you are thinking that there are only adults on Dewees. Not so! While there are only three children living there year round right now, lots of young people come for visits. This young lady is Marion Cotton's grand daughter, Arrie B.  While she looks rather placid here; don't believe it for a second! Arrie was a real pistol, taking a new pose or assuming a new character every time I looked up from the canvas. Resorting to the camera didn't help, she was a real ball of fire. Eventually she was able to sit quietly for a little while because she really wanted to have her portrait done.

Holly Mack 14 X 11 Original Oil on Panel

Holly Mack is Arrie B.'s little brother. He woke up early, dressed himself in the searsucker suit that his grandmother bought him and ran upstairs to breakfast waving a miniature American flag while informing the household that he was ready for his portrait! His Dad sat for me the day before. As far as Molly Mack is concerned anything that Daddy does is something he wants to do too. He was absolutely adorable and sat very still despite his excitement. Of course there was no way to keep him there for four hours so I just worked as quickly as possible and took some pictures. When his enthusiasm flagged we ended the sitting and I finished from a photo. In retrospect, I wish I had just kept the sketch and started over. In the future I hope to do just that.

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