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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Green Peace

Green Peace 14 X 11 Original Oil Painting

Spending time with Ginnie Moser was an adventure. She is a generous and energetic spirit in a small package that barely contains her love for life. Being a redhead she loves to wear green but she lives green as well. Ginnie can tell you the carbon footprint of your dinner plate and raises awareness of the impact of human choices on the environment. She and her husband, Artus, live very rich and creative lives that bring enjoyment to everyone around them.

I am taking a brief break in Tucson after a month of painting on Dewees. In that time I completed nineteen portraits. By the time I varnished and framed them I had just enough energy to clear out my gear to make room for the show on the 22nd of March at the annual owners meeting. This group is just the "first installment". Hopefully, I will be returning to the island in the late Spring for round two.

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