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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bright Spot

Bright Spot 14X11 Original Oil on Panel

Meet Elizabeth. I was working in my studio at the Huyler House on Dewees when she flitted by my window like a brilliant bird.  I couldn't let her get away so I chased her down the stairs and asked how she would like to have her portrait painted. She was game and immediately came in to sit for photographs.

I have experienced, perhaps, a bit of mission drift. When I started this project my intention was to paint all of the portraits from life. Over time so many folks commented on the stoic expressions and requested more cheerful ones that I started finishing from photos so I could add a smile. Eventually, my pool of willing victims dwindled for extended sittings. I decided that is was more important to paint as many of the people on the island as possible and offered the opportunity to sit for photos only. There was an enthusiastic response and I now have enough photos to keep me busy for quite a while. I am still painting them alla prima, in one sitting to keep them fresh and continue working with wet paint.

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