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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Little Charmer

Little Charmer 14X11 Original Oil on Panel

Wow! How did that happen!? It's been nearly four months since my last post. After finishing up on Dewees Island, I packed up my gear and trucked 2000 miles across the continent to my home in Tucson. There I found a mile high stack of mail and paperwork. I closed my studio at Campbell and Skyline since I have been traveling so much and met with my architect to review plans for the new studio I am building. Heady stuff!

In short order, I was packing my gear back in the truck for round two on Dewees. On my trek across Texas, I stopped in Fredericksburg for the Oil Painters of America show and conference and visited my sister Ann. After that it was off to Austin to see my youngest sister, Robin and Temple to visit with my father. When I finally made it to Charleston I took a few days with my daughter's family before going back to work.

Being on Dewees is even more fun in the summer. There are a lot more folks on the island and the social life here is very rich. I let my blog go because I was just too busy painting and trying to keep up with the action. More on that soon.

This little angel is Marion Cotton's grand-niece, Mary Leonard Moss. The children in this clan have the most interesting and melodic names. Even the nicknames are complicated. Marion keeps it simple though, she just calls everyone she loves "Shug" as in the first syllable of sugar. Gotta love the South!

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