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Monday, March 8, 2010

Apres Aperitif

It's magic time for gardeners here in Tucson. We have had record amounts of rain and the desert is a very happy place right now. Every spring and fall I am torn between my love for being outside digging in the dirt and my passion for painting. The only remedy is to feed my gardening addiction so I can get back into the studio.  So I am cheating and posting this painting I did a few months ago. Don't worry, I'm still painting, just working on some larger pieces that aren't ready yet!

Glass is always lots of fun to paint, it's there and it's not there. These little aperitif glasses were challenge to render in perspective. The effort was worth capturing the way the inverted glass holds the red color reflected from the table. I love watching color and light bounce around!


  1. Nice paintings Hope. I have the same issue with gardening. To garden or paint?? Here in Maine, gardening wins out. We've had a very mild winter so far and may just have a spring. Good luck with your blog. I'll follow it.

  2. Thanks, Stephanie. I am working really hard to get the garden in shape so I can paint in it. Keep an eye out for garden studies in the near future.