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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Julie's Gerbers

Private Collection
Gerber daisies are so happy and proud. They hold their heads up high to show off their pretty faces. I had these pink ones sitting on my kitchen counter and decided that they were just so cheerful that I had to try painting them.

Recently, my stepson and daughter-in-law helped me to set up my new studio for a show. When Julie told me that she loved this painting I was reminded that she had used gerbers in her floral arrangements for her wedding. So naturally this painting had to go back to South Carolina to live with Julie and Sean! It really is nice when your family appreciates what you are doing.


  1. Beautiful colors in this, and very sensitively painted.

  2. Hope, I'm passing on the Sunshine Award to you. (see my site for details) I'm glad I discovered your blog. Lovely gerbers!

  3. hope - i too got the sunshine award and i'm so happy you're blogging! i see you're very new to it but you already look like a pro! hope you'll check out my site and we can trade links! by the way - we just visited the met in new york for the first time. i was blown away by what must have been that very sargent painting...i just stood there for what seemed like hours!!!

  4. Who knew getting all this feedback would be so much fun! Thank you. The Sunshine Award is a wonderful idea and I really appreciate the recognition.
    I am hosting an Open Studio Tour this weekend but will pass it along soon. Susie, I am so glad you got to see those Sargent paintings in person. They are great in print, but nothing compares to experiencing them directly. It's a great way to feed your creative well.

  5. FYI, Ladies. I visited all of your blogs and loved them, so I added your links to my blog page.

  6. hope - i just finished adding your link to my blog - and yes, my husband claims i'm the busiest person he knows!!! - even busier now that i've taken time to check up on all these blogs that are new to me!! - isn't this fun?