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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bowls and Berries

It's Open Studio Tour here in Tucson, which makes for a busy weekend for artists. I am having lots of fun meeting new people. Tucson is a snowbird destination, so I get folks (many of them artists) from all over the world this time of year. I've had visitors from Slovenia, Australia and Germany, Michigan, Vermont, Maine, Tennessee, Washington and New York to name a few. Its also a great excuse to play catch up with old friends that I haven't seen in a while. What a treat it is to have a studio full of lively conversation. I also picked up a portrait commission which I am very excited about.

So, yes, I'm posting a "dry" painting. I did this one in a workshop with the very amazing Carol Marine. I learned so much from her. I highly recommend her workshops. She really encouraged me to stretch myself. I would have been reluctant to take on the challenge of these berries if I hadn't seen her demo the berries first. She did such a great job with them that I was inspired to try them.

What makes me really happy about this little painting is this: It got scratched up along with another painting in the back of my truck when I was unloading my gear after the workshop. Of course, I was heartbroken. Well, I decided to try to fix it this week and I am very happy with the result. It wan't as hard to match the colors as I expected. Next time I won't be so timid!


  1. Hi Hope! Thank you for the comment about my farm paintings and the "green"...I am STILL a little terrified about green, so I understand! hahaha. I wish you could see the many farm paintings all together...it will be a good show...I browsed your site and see that you are a BRAVE artist with VERY STRONG works. I see a lot of Carol Marine's students' work, but none as good as yours. I can tell you "get it"...your work is beautiful!! (Carol is a good friend of mine...she used to live very near me when I lived on the farm, and we have p.ainted together a lot). Next weekend I will be in Wickenburg at "Cowgirl Up!"...Please come if you can!...And in May, I will pass through Tuscon on the way to the Phippen Show in Prescott. Maybe we can have a visit. I spend a lot of "springtime" in Arizona! Thank you, again for the nice and fun comment...Please keep in touch! v....

  2. Those berries look very familiar, Hope! I painted them too, but I think I wiped mine out. It was a wonderful workshop, wasn't it! I haven't done a still life since a week after the workshop, but I am using the info in other ways and perhaps one day I will try an apple or two.

  3. I love this painting and also am a big time fan of Carol Marine whose workshop I took last year in Jacksonville.
    I'd say you 'got it'.
    Love the complimentary colors.