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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rose In Pink

Rose In Pink 14 X 11 Original Oil Painting

This is my friend and fellow artist, Roseann Munger. Roseann also paints in oils and she loves to paint people doing interesting things, especially dancing. When I first mentioned my portrait painting project to Roseann, she thought it was interesting, but didn't want to sit. After she saw my first few portraits, she got excited about the project and wanted to support my efforts.

Roseann was an incredible and patient model. Toward the end of the sitting I could tell that she was ready to go. We looked at the painting together and realized that her mouth was in the wrong place. She was such a good sport about climbing back into her chair so I could make it right. Honestly, I wiped it out, repainted it a fraction of an inch higher and we were done in ten minutes. I couldn't have done these paintings without the support of my artist friends in Tucson. Friends are always amazing, but friends who help you learn and advance your career are priceless! Thank you Roseann.

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